Monday, October 2, 2023

Influencers soliciting for free food, drinks, etc.

One key lesson to study is to offer extra than you take. Paying it ahead offers an countless pipeline of possibilities for partnerships, sales, and collaborations. This leads me to the subject at hand.

“Pitching” your so-called “influence” or “following” isn't always messaging a enterprise or store you’ve in no way had any history/relationship with, after which providing functions in trade free of charge offerings or products. Here’s what I might recommend:

1. Start a relationship with them. Visit their cafe and eat there. Get to know the staff or the owner. Leave a tip and in case you appreciated their services.

2. Good and powerful pitching is all about knowing your target audience.You need know what their wishes are and pick out wherein you could add the maximum value to them. In my experience, the best way to discover this is by learning them through setting up a relationship. 

3. Sometimes it'll not work out. You won’t do a collab. But when you have a really right relationship, they’ll likely recommend you to a person they know down the road that is another set of possibilities that you could explore.

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